Advantages of variable frequency drive (VFD)

- Oct 25, 2018-

  1. Reduce energy consumption and energy costs

    If your application does not need to run at full speed, you can reduce the energy cost by controlling the motor with a variable frequency drive, which is an advantage of variable frequency drives. VFD allows you to match the speed of your electric equipment to your load requirements. There are no other AC motor control methods that you can achieve.

    Electric motor systems account for more than 65% of today's industry power consumption. Optimize the motor control system by installing or upgrading VFDs to reduce equipment energy consumption by up to 70%. In addition, the use of VFDs improves product quality and reduces production costs. Combined with energy efficiency tax incentives and utility rebates, the return on investment for VFD devices may be only six months.

  2. Increase productivity through tighter process control

    By operating the motor at the most efficient speed for your application, reducing the chance of errors and increasing production levels, you can generate higher revenues for your company. On conveyors and conveyors, you can eliminate chaos at startup for high-speed transfer.

  3. Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance

    Your equipment will last longer and the maintenance time will be shorter when controlled by the VFD, ensuring the best motor application speed. Since the frequency converter optimally controls the frequency and voltage of the motor, the inverter will provide better protection for your motor, such as electric thermal overload, phase protection, undervoltage, overvoltage, etc. When you use the frequency converter to start the load, the motor or the driven load will not be subjected to the “instantaneous impact” on the start line, but it can be started smoothly, thus eliminating the wear of the belt, gears and bearings. Because we can have a smooth acceleration and deceleration cycle, it is also an excellent way to reduce and / or eliminate water hammer.


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