Centrifuge frequency conversion speed control electrical control requirements

- Aug 18, 2018-

The governing form of the driving motor determines the electrical control mode. The power of the driving motor is the previously calculated power. The high speed of the motor is determined according to the specifications of the rotor to determine the number of poles of the motor. The inverter control method using the variable frequency motor can adopt the following control requirements.

In order to accurately and accurately grasp the actual rotational speed of the centrifuge turntable, a speed measuring device for detecting the rotational speed of the turntable can be directly mounted on the turntable, and the pulse signal recorded by the speed measuring device directly reflects the actual rotational speed of the turntable. This speed can communicate with the touch screen with display and setting functions, and display to the touch screen. Through the setting of the touch screen, the frequency of the inverter can be controlled, thereby controlling the speed of the motor, and the Zui finally achieves the purpose of effectively controlling the rotation speed of the turntable. In use, according to the casting speed required by the rotor centrifugal casting process, the corresponding rotation speed of the turntable is achieved by the touch screen.

In the centrifugal casting process, once the required casting speed is set, after the centrifuge reaches the set speed, it is required to have the speed in-position alarm prompt function. This alarm prompt function reminds the pouring personnel that the aluminum liquid can be poured at this time, and the pouring is set at the same time. In the process of high speed of zui and speed increase, the pouring of the pin liquid is completed. After that, the motor is powered off for a period of time, and the rotation is automatically stopped by inertia.

The settings on the touch screen are as follows:

(1) Switching amount Motor start button and stop button.

(2) State quantity 1 Display the casting speed of the turntable table, which can be adjusted for different specifications of the rotor. 2 Shows the high speed of the zui that is reached due to the speed increase in the casting, which is adjustable for rotors of different specifications. 3 Display the speed up to the high speed of the Zui, adjustable for different specifications of the rotor. 4 Display motor speed and motor frequency. 5 The delay time after the completion of the motor pouring is adjustable for different specifications of the rotor.

The whole setting is completed before the rotor casting, no other changes need to be made during the pouring process, and the control process is a fully automatic process, which reduces human factors and improves work efficiency.

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