Development drive: energy-saving and intelligent play a leading role

- Jun 29, 2016-

Energy conservation is the "second five" since, as the core value of China's industrial economic development for the sustainable development of the industry while giving directions, and effectively promote the sustainable development of the inverter industry, so that our inverter industry the industry continued to expand market share, and with a strong force for development as an important starting point of China's industrial economic development. However, behind the rapid economic development of the inverter industry, the industry overall strength and size varies, many potential competitive disadvantages backward domestic inverter industry, also known as high economic growth pattern strangler.

Recently for environmental remediation very seriously, enough to see the country for the determination of environmental governance, but also constrains the enterprise focused on economic development while expanding the scale of enterprises, but also the low carbon energy saving synchronization as long-term development core values and premises. This is also to ensure that the power source and the drive sustainable long-term development of the PLC and electrical automation industry. However, behind the current domestic inverter industry and rapid economic development, the domestic market electrical automation industry as a whole uneven size and strength, many companies scale, financial strength, technical strength and module industry compared to foreign brands seriously lagging behind, to a great our economy continues to drive the industry to become high-growth mode degree biggest obstacle.

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