Global Warming bringing new request

- Jul 31, 2017-

Nowadays, the climate is becoming higher than before,this problem had brought some damage of people and machine, as a electronic products manufacturer, we do care about this problem and find a way to fit for this situation.



                                                             The data come from NASA


Our product----Online UPS, contain robust FR4 glass fiber base PCB with conformal coating and it can work in 60℃(Half load and derating),offering high quality electric power with pure sine wave output waveform.


Besides,we had developed a new product which name is solar pump inverter,it can use the solar panels as power input,so,it have on grid/off grid two version.That product can pump water from the well and keep it in the water container when it have sunshine.This product is design for Africa, Middle East and etc.


New Energy , New Life !             

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