High performance small size economical variable frequency drive, 110kW, 380V

- Mar 25, 2018-

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Powtran brand variable frequency inverter

  • Energy saving, low carbon, environmental-friendly

  • We dedicate our self to provide global customers with frequency inverters which can be widely used for asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors in different kinds of application

  • Application fields:

    • Metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, building material, coal, medicine, food, paper making, plastic, printing, hoist, washing, water supply, sewage treatment and more

  • Machine industry:

    • Wire drawing machine, mixer, compressor, extruder, pump, air blower, grinder, conveyor, lifting machine and more

  • Capacity range:

    • Power: 0.4kW-1000kW

    • Frequency: 600Hz

    • Voltage level: 1 phase 220V/3-phase 220V/380V/480V/ 690V

  • Technical features:

    • Based on 32-bit DSP and adopt an advanced vector control algorithm to realize a high speed and high performance control

    • Mode of speed control: Senseless vector control, sensor close loop vector control, V/F control

    • Vector control in asynchronous and permanent synchronous motor is available, feature motor parameter auto-tuning

    • 150% torque when at low speed (0.5) running in the sensor less vector control mode

    • Built-in simple PLC function, 16 sections speed is available

    • Multi-language OLED could display 3 parameter groups at the same time

    • Rotating freely with “one key shuttle keyboard”

    • Optimized ventilation design

    • Reliable insulation design, ensure the safety of inverter

    • Optional completely isolated RS485 communication module can communicate with the host computer

    • Strengthened coating, adapt to tough environment

    • Unique EMC design, minimized the radiating interference to power grid

  • Environmental resistance:

    • Corrosion resistance, resistance to dust, resistance to vibration and resistance environment, the strengthening of the product and meanwhile with dust, drip-proof type taking protection structure

    • Passed RoHS

    • Standard product pass RoHS (European specific harmful substance use restrictions)

    • Reduce noise

    • Use swing PWN to inhibition of electromagnetic interference and reduce the harsh noise

    • Suppress the high order harmonic in grid

    • Built-in DC reactor use for suppress high order harmonic

    • Energy saving: advanced energy saving technology

    • Use energy saving control of frequency converter to realize highly efficient running of asynchronous motor

    • Saving much more energy on synchronous motor

    • Energy saving control of the inverter combine with highly efficient synchronous motor together can gain super energy

PI500 011G311KW25A3 phase 380V280*190*190mm——
PI500 015G315KW32A3 phase 380V280*190*190mm——
PI500 018G318KW37A3 phase 380V330*210*190mm——
PI500 022G322KW45A3 phase 380V330*210*190mm——
PI500 030G330KW60A3 phase 380V380*240*215mm——
PI500 037G337KW75A3 phase 380V380*240*215mm——
PI500 045G345kw90A3 phase 380V500*300*275mm——
PI500 055G355kw110A3 phase 380V500*300*275mm——
PI500 075G375kw150A3 phase 380v500*300*275mm——
PI500 093G393kw176A3 phase 380V550*355*320mm——
PI500 110G3110kw210A3 phase 380V550*355*320mm——
PI500 132G3132KW253A3 phase 380V695*400*360mm——
PI500 160G3160KW304A3 phase 380V790*480*360mm——

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