How many motors can one drive carry

- Jun 26, 2019-

     How many motors can a frequency converter bring? This question is often asked. Let's analyze it here.

        If it is started and stopped at the same time, and the speed is adjusted at the same time, it is possible to drag multiple motors with one inverter. However, the inverter is not protected for each motor, so each motor should be heated and then protected, and the capacity of the inverter should be selected. Under normal circumstances, the inverter can select 1.5 times the sum of all motor capacities. At the same time, the current value should be considered. The margin should be at least 1.1 times. If the distance is far away, it is recommended to install the output reactor and filter.

         In addition, the V/F control should be selected in the parameter setting, and vector control or torque control cannot be selected.

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