How to maintain the inverter in hot summer

- Feb 21, 2019-

In the summer, in the case of inverters that are indispensable for the current equipment control speed regulation, the hot weather in the hot sun is a hard injury to the inverter. A large number of existing researches and practices have shown that the failure rate of the inverter will rise with the increase of temperature, the service life will decrease with the increase of temperature, and the ambient temperature will increase by 10 ┬░C, and the service life of the inverter will be halved. For this reason, let us analyze the causes of the faults that cause the inverter to overheat, and the countermeasures to solve the corresponding problems:

1, the ambient temperature is too high

Reason: The inside of the inverter is composed of a myriad of electronic devices. It generates a lot of heat when it is working. Especially when the IGBT is working at high frequency, it will generate more heat. If the ambient temperature is too high, the internal components of the inverter will be overheated. To protect the internal circuit of the inverter, the inverter will report a high temperature fault and stop.

Countermeasure: Reduce the temperature of the place where the inverter is located. For example, you can install forced cooling such as air conditioner or fan.

2, poor ventilation of the inverter

Cause: If the air duct of the inverter itself is blocked or the air duct of the control cabinet is blocked, it will affect the heat dissipation inside the inverter, causing the inverter to overheat alarm.

Countermeasure: Regularly overhaul the inverter, remove the garbage from its air duct, and smooth the air duct.

3, the fan is stuck or damaged

Cause: When the inverter fan is broken, a large amount of heat accumulates inside the inverter.

Action: Replace the fan.

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