PV inverter inspection and maintenance steps

- Feb 19, 2019-

When encountering the inverter shutdown, first need to go through the shutdown operation on the LCD panel, then control the inverter to stop, then the inverter rotation through the inverter AC output stops, and the inverter is disconnected. After the switch, the inverter will directly carry out the AC cabinet. After that, the two directly-input breakers in the inverter will rotate directly to the closed state, and then disconnect the front of the building. Directly setting the inverter to the scale of an external power supply, it is also possible to cut off the external power supply inside, and then the circuit breaker will exit to operate.

  After confirming that the inverter and the AC side are completely disconnected, it will use its own universal table to check the side of the communication inside, that is, it will determine that it does not have a point, and then it is determined that it will not be reconnected, and then Directly received the bottom line, observe whether the inverter is in the hanging place, observe whether there is deformation, check whether there is humidity above the environment, all air inlets are checked whether the filter is not Work properly.

  Start the inverter, first remove the ground wire, then close the transformer on the box and open it to the side, then open the Xi'an Road of the inverter's AC output directly to the switch stage, then close a combiner box. At the beginning, then use the closed DC cabinet until the real input starts, then put the two DCs into the open phase, wait for about a minute, and then turn the other things on, the inverter It can be started.

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