What are the application fields of the VFD

- Sep 27, 2018-

The VFD is widely used. According to the voltage grade, the low-voltage VFD and the medium-high voltage VFD have different purposes and requirements for application in various industries:

  1. Steel: rolling mills, roller conveyors, fans, pumps, cranes, ladle cars, converter tilting, etc.

  2. rolling steel line: wire drawing machine, winding machine, blower, pump, lifting machinery, fixed length cutting, automatic feeding.

  3. Power: blower for boiler drum, feed pump, centrifugal mixer, conveyor belt, water pumping station, flywheel, etc.

  4. Oil: oil pump, electric submersible pump, water injection pump, pumping unit, etc.

  5. Paper industry: paper machine, pump, pulverizer, fan, mixer, blower, etc.

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