What are the components in the inverter that are easy to age

- Feb 23, 2019-

I believe that many people who repair the inverter find that some inverter templates will burn out often. Usually we will replace the new module, and we don't consider whether the module burns out or not. Therefore, pay more attention to the aging accessories on the drive circuit during maintenance. The following describes the parts that are prone to aging in the inverter.


Resistance, the resistance of a substance to current is called the resistance of the substance. A substance with a small resistance is called an electric conductor, and is simply a conductor. A substance with a large electrical resistance is called an electrical insulator, or simply an insulator. The measurement of the resistance of the capacitor, the pointer of the multimeter will swing an angle, the larger the capacity, the greater the angle! Discharge the capacitor during the second measurement

Insulating paint

Insulating varnish is an important insulating material based on high molecular polymer and can be cured into an insulating film or an insulating whole under specified conditions. It is a kind of special lacquer in lacquer. The aluminum foil of the radiator should also be dusted. If the cooling fan is broken or there is a sound, it will be replaced. The filter capacitor capacity should be changed by 20% (generally no more than 8 years); all the main circuit coupling screws should be tightened. About the disassembly and assembly of the disassembly: Some people often disassemble the patch integration block because the temperature of the soldering iron is too high, so that it is damaged or the performance is degraded. Before disassembling the block, a small piece of water or sprinkling can be attached to the integrated block. The paper is used for heat dissipation, and the effect is good!

Zener tube

The Zener diode is also a crystal diode that operates with a stable voltage characteristic in the breakdown region of the PN junction. Zener diodes are widely used in voltage regulators and some electronic circuits. We refer to this type of diode as a Zener to distinguish diodes used in rectification, detection, and other unidirectional conduction applications. Ordinary electricians are more difficult to detect, and it is best to be able to replace them all! When repairing the inverter, it should be under the overall maintenance: the circuit board is dusty, it is cleaned with sprinkle, and after drying, spray the insulating paint.


The full name of optocoupler is optocoupler, also known as opto-isolator, referred to as optocoupler. It has good isolation for input and output electrical signals, so it is widely used in various circuits. At present, it has become one of the many types of optoelectronic devices with a wide range of uses. About the characteristics of the circuit driven by optocoupler: Because this circuit has a feedback detection loop, it is to compare the output three-phase (Eu, Ev, Ew) signal with the drive signal, when the inverter output is detected to be abnormal. , through a photocoupler to send a high level signal to the motherboard, the inverter immediately cut off the drive signal and display overcurrent or IGBT short circuit fault, this protection is quite fast, the inverter with this circuit is not easy to burn the module, but the problem is When the performance of the drive components of this inverter is unstable, problems such as aging are affected by the drive work.

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