Hybrid Solar Inverter 2,3,4,5KVA 24V/48V

Hybrid Solar Inverter 2,3,4,5KVA 24V/48V

Product Name´╝Ühybrid inverter 1-5K

Input Voltage (V): 12v / 24v / 48V

Output Voltage(V): 220VAC Voltage

Output Power: 1-5KW Single phase

Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Product Details


SoyanPower Hybrid inverter employ intelligent digital controll technology , innovatively accept diversified power source input :mains , battery , Solar power input, automatically , smartly select source, and output stable, reliable, pure sine-wave AC supply to home and office , mission critical equipment . The Hybrid Inverter has an ultra strong charger, capable of re-charge the big battery bank for extra-long backup time in very short time. Perfectly meet application of unstable grid power supply , and frequently black out area.  the product can also work as power converter of Energy Storage System(ESS)


  • Full Bridge Topology, best-in-class loading capability

  • Ultra strong AC & Solar MPPT Charger , provide Up to 60A  charging current

  • Built-in MPPT Solar Charger, More Energy Saving, and Environmental Protection

  • Automatic Line-to-Battery Switchover

  • Selectable Input Voltage Ranges

  • Auto Restart While AC Recovery

  • Intelligent Fan Management

  • User-Friendly LCD+LED Indications

  • Small Volume, Wall-Mounted Design

  • High Efficient DC-to-AC Conversion, Minimizing Energy Loss

  • Built-in Enhanced Charger, Selectable Charger Current

  • Intelligent 3-Stage Charger Control for Efficient Charging and Preventing Overcharge.

  • Multiple Protections: Battery Voltage Low, Over Charger, Over Load, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Low Frequency, High Voltage Protection.



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