Love To Help, Build Dreams Of The Future

- Nov 27, 2018-

On November 19th, the general manager and team of Shenzhen Soyan Technology Co., Ltd. once again came to Nanming Town, Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, to see 10 students from poor families. On the eve of this early winter Thanksgiving Day, Bring care and warmth to them.

Soyan Caring action 1

On the 19th, we held a donation symposium in the classroom of Nanming Elementary School. The 10 students, student guardians, teacher principals, and local government personnel who participated in the symposium attended the forum.

In the symposium, I learned about the family situation and the learning situation of these 10 students. These students have intellectual defects and can not communicate with ordinary people due to autistic symptoms. There are orphans who are not with their parents and who live with their grandparents. Although these children are in trouble, they are very good. They are the most helpful and most in need of a group.

Soyan Caring action 2Since 2017, the general manager of Shenzhen Soyan Technology Co., Ltd. has provided scholarships of 1,000 yuan per person per year to these students with excellent academic performance, and also provided them with daily necessities, learning tools and various books.

Soyan Caring action 3

In this symposium, the general manager of Shenzhen Soyan Technology Co., Ltd. encouraged the children to build confidence, overcome difficulties in life, study hard, be grateful, reward the society with excellent results, and hope that the students who are assisted actively participate in the society, serve the society and dedicate your youth and life value.

The meaning of caring assistance is far more than material and monetary assistance. It is also a kind of spiritual encouragement and spur. Four company colleagues who go forward with the general manager, they use their love to help the students get rid of psychological pressure and shadow. And to understand their living conditions and the problems and difficulties in their daily life, enlighten them to encourage them to build confidence, strong, sunny, to turn difficulties into challenges and healthy growth. Also for the aided students to point the way in the lost road.

Soyan Caring action 4

The donation ceremony in 2018 has ended, but the love of Shenzhen Soyan Technology Co., Ltd. has not ended. The students keep close contact with the colleagues of Soyan. There are occasional correspondences and communication links. The care of the students has never stopped. The company hopes that everyone can have a love and help others around them.

Soyan Caring action 5

We saw these uniform students on the playground, and they were doing inter-class exercises. They were full of vigor, cheerfulness and innocence, showing full positive energy.

Soyan Caring action 6Soyan Caring action 7Soyan Caring action 8

The event passed into the student family.

Face-to-face listening, zero-distance communication

Better understand the student's family status and living environment

Let the students feel the help and care

Improved communication and communication between paired and assisted students

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