Solar Photovoltaic Intelligent Converter

- Apr 02, 2019-

In photovoltaic power generation system, a large number of photovoltaic cell modules are combined in series and parallel to achieve the required voltage and current value, so as to achieve the best power generation efficiency. The main function of APV-M series intelligent photovoltaic shunt box is to collect the input of photovoltaic array at the first level, which is used to reduce the connection between photovoltaic array and inverter, optimize the system structure and improve reliability and maintainability. At the same time, it also monitors the operation status of photocell board, current, voltage, power, lightning protector status, DC circuit breaker status acquisition, relay contact output and other functions. It also has sensor interface functions such as wind speed, temperature and irradiator for customers to choose. The device is equipped with RS485 interface, which can upload the measured and collected data to customers. Monitoring system.

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