1kva Online UPS With 1 Hour Backup Time

1kva Online UPS With 1 Hour Backup Time

Customized with 1hour backup time in full load 1kva online ups system.

Product Details


Customized with 1hour backup time in full load 1kva/800w online ups system.

Simple and stable system design.

Easy to preventive maintenance.

Cost-efficient system.

Specifications of UPS

Power rating1kVA/800KW
Input Voltage Range90~300VAC±5VAC
Input Frequency Range40Hz-70Hz
Input ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Input Power Factor>0.99
Output Voltage220VAC
Output Voltage Tolerance±1%
Output ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Output Frequency Range50/60Hz±0.2Hz
Output THDV<2% (linear load)
<5% (non-linear load)
Output WaveformPure sine wave
Overload Capabilityline mode

1min @105%~125% load

30S  @ 125%~150%  load

0.5S  @ >150% load

battery mode
Line ModeUp to 92%
Battery ModeUp to 92%
Battery and Charger
Battery Quantity2PCS (External)
Battery Capacitydepends  on customer configuration
Backup Time
Recharge Current (to 90% battery capacity)Standard model 1.2A; Long backup time model 4A;
LCDload rating/battery capacity/input/output/operating mode
Communication and Monitoring
Communication PortRS232 stanard offer, USB optional
Extendable Communication CardDry Contact Card,USB card, MODBUS card and NMC card are optional
Operating Temperature0-40oC
Operating Humidity20-90%(no condesation)
Audible Noise<50dB @ 1 meters

Specifications of Battery Box

1BatteryRA12-65A (12V/65AH)   21KG 2pcs
2Overcurrent   protected air switchS301 C321pcs
3Box620mm   (H) x 470mm (W) x 500mm (D), 4 layers, single layer load capacity   250kg,Combination, package transportation, installation site assembly1set
4WireA.   BVV multi-core 10 square * 3.5 m * 2 (red, black each)
    B. Battery connection cable: 30 cm * 6 pieces, 60 cm * 2 pieces
    C. 6-8 ring head and insulation treatment
5Battery   quick connect terminalSB501pair

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