Customized 10KVA Online Ups in full load 1 hour

Customized 10KVA Online Ups in full load 1 hour

High-frequency 10KVA UPS uninterruptible power supply for departmental servers, small networks, workstations, and small and medium-sized computer rooms

Product Details

10 KVA series high-frequency online new-generation UPS, using advanced DSP digital control technology, effectively improve product performance and reliability, achieve higher power density and product miniaturization. This series provides dual protection of software and hardware, intelligent battery management technology, high reliability, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and more humanized management functions. It is suitable for providing security for departmental servers, small networks, workstations and small and medium computer rooms. Power protection.

Sales Features

1. True double-version online UPS

2. DSP technology guarantees high performance

3. Output power factor 0.9

4. Standard backup UPS and long backup UPS in one intergrated unit

5. Adujstable battery number from 16pcs to 20pcs

6. Adjustable charging current via software(0.5A-0.6A)

7. Wide put voltage range(110VAC-300VAC)

8. Active iput power factor correction 0.99

9. 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode

10. Emergency power off function

11. 3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance

12. Maintenance bypass available

13. SNMP/USB/RS-232 communication

Specifications of UPS

Power rating10kVA/9000KW
Input Voltage Range90~300VAC±5VAC
Input Frequency Range40Hz-70Hz
Input ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Input Power Factor>0.99
Output Voltage220VAC
Output Voltage Tolerance±1%
Output ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Output Frequency Range50/60Hz±0.2Hz
Output THDV<2% (linear load)
<5% (non-linear load)
Output WaveformPure sine wave
Overload Capabilityline mode

1min @105%~125% load

30S  @ 125%~150%  load

0.5S  @ >150% load

battery mode
Line ModeUp to 92%
Battery ModeUp to 92%
Battery and Charger
Battery Quantity16PCS (External)
Battery Capacity12V 100Ah*16pcs
Backup Time
Recharge Current (to 90% battery capacity)Standard model 1.2A; Long backup time model 4A;
LCDload rating/battery capacity/input/output/operating mode
Communication and Monitoring
Communication PortRS232 stanard offer, USB optional
Extendable Communication CardDry Contact Card,USB card, MODBUS card and NMC card are optional
Operating Temperature0-40oC
Operating Humidity20-90%(no condesation)
Audible Noise<50dB @ 1 meters

Specifications of Battery Box

1BatteryDC-12 -100(12V/100AH)   30KG 16pcs
2Overcurrent   protected air switchS301 C321pcs

1180mm   (H) x 783mm (W) x468mm (D),

 4 layers, single layer load capacity   250kg,Combination, package transportation, installation site assembly

4WireA.   BVV multi-core 10 square * 3.5 m * 2 (red, black each)
    B. Battery connection cable: 30 cm * 6 pieces, 60 cm * 2 pieces
    C. 6-8 ring head and insulation treatment
5Battery   quick connect terminalSB501pair

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