Outdoor Integrated UPS

Outdoor Integrated UPS

Communication Marginal Network Outdoor UPS is a high-performance integrated outdoor online uninterruptible power supply system specially designed for outdoor microcellular base stations of wireless communication systems. It has high technological advancement and practicability.

Product Details

Advantages and features

  • Outdoor intelligent high frequency online UPS provides pure uninterrupted AC sine wave power for users' outdoor communication/network equipment

  • Double conversion online design, high temperature resistance, cold and cold, sealing grade P55

  • 85v-300v ultra-wide input voltage frequency range, in many remote areas of China has passed the test of the harsh grid.

Excellent energy saving and environmental protection

  • Energy saving: intelligent temperature control technology to effectively reduce overall operating costs.

  • Land: full frontal maintenance, effectively reducing equipment footprint.

  • Environmental protection: meet EU RoHS standards and China Environmental Protection Directive.

Application range

  • City corner, remote roads, mountains, working temperature environment

  • 20 ° C -60 ° C, dust, high temperature and rain, acid mist erosion, electricity

  • Very poor quality (voltage is longer than 154 or less than 275V)

  • Areas, abnormal frequency changes, etc.

Technical Parameters

Power capacityVoltageBattery VoltagePower factorDimensionWeight
SUP3000    1-10KVA
2KVA/1. 6KW115kg

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