Portable UPS With Energy Storage Function

Portable UPS With Energy Storage Function

Portable UPS is small in size and lighter in weight than traditional lead-acid batteries ups. It is a backup UPS AC/DC power supply unit with built-in uninterruptible power system. Its light weight, high capacity, high power, and many other functions in one, lightweight and portable, can be used for long-term power supply in the field, but also provide you with convenient mobile power solutions in places where there is no electricity or lack of electricity.

Product Details

Portable UPS with energy storage function


The product uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage backup, and has a longer service life;

Portable design, light carrying, convenient transportation, overload / over current / over discharge / over charge protection;

Aluminum alloy case, resistant to falling, shock, fire and rain;

Independent solar panel input, dealing without utility situation.

Ultra-large capacity lithium battery pack, small size, light weight, ultra-high power pure sine wave output;

Unique overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design and unique protective wall design;

AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output, output power up to 6000W;

AC and DC integrated output, providing reliable power supply protection for various emergency scenarios.

Safety and environmental protection, lithium batteries comply with European RoHS regulations, and are green and environmentally friendly batteries with better reliability and stability.

Portable UPS application scenario:

Scope of application: telecommunication network installation and maintenance optimization; military information company; geography mapping team; completed oil exploration team; architectural design survey; water conservancy and water inspection; advertising media outdoor shooting; forestry agricultural wild resources inspection, etc. can also be used in electricity-free Mountain areas, pastoral areas, field trips, travel and leisure, or in cars and boats, can be used as DC and AC power.

Can be used in emergency rescue, emergency rescue, outdoor activities, drone life, self-driving tour, home storage, lighting, office, fishing, military and other scenarios.

With its stable performance and excellent technology, Cuneng Electric Portable UPS products have won unanimous praise from users in various industries, and the service is also a lever! Those who need it can consult our customer service online.

As a large-scale product in the industry, portable UPS power supply plays a very important role in various industries. Especially in recent years, China's advanced technology has been rapidly improved, and many advanced technologies are continuously applied to portable UPS power supplies, which makes domestic portable UPS power supply strengthen its own functions, consolidate the stability of performance, and improve the degree of automation. This has further accelerated the rapid progress of industries in various industries in China.

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