Tunnel Type UPS

Tunnel Type UPS

With the rapid development of the construction of high-tech companies in mountainous areas of China, the number of ramps is increasing. How to protect the operation of highway tunnels safer and better has always been the primary issue to be considered in the design and construction of highway tunnels. The road tunnel is a closed environment with special operating conditions. The ventilation, lighting, fire protection, monitoring and other supporting facilities are the basic equipment to ensure the safe operation of the tunnel. This also includes the particularly important load in the primary load, so for these equipment A safe and reliable power supply system is particularly important, and it is directly related to whether the electrical equipment in the tunnel area can work normally and whether the vehicle can pass safely. For high-speed company tunnel application environment, destroy the special UPs power supply solution for moisture-proof tunnels.

Product Details

In response to the special application environment of high-speed tunnels, we designed a special UPS and solutions that have the functions of moisture-proof and can cope with the harsh environment such as condensation, dripping, exhaust gas corrosion and dust pollution in tunnels. The scheme adopts isolated air design, and the circuit and electrical parts adopt full sealing device. The external moisture is not easy to enter, thus protecting the electronic device: the PCB is sprayed with conformal coating, which can dust proof and moisture proof, and make the product more reliable.

The overall design structure is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the electric main control cabinet part. It adopts a fully sealed design to prevent external moisture, dust and the like from entering. The heat exchange inside the box is conducted by externally installing an aluminum radiator device for heat dissipation. The fan is cooled by strong wind, and the upper IP rating is IP55; the lower part is transformer, electric actuator, and the terminal part of the customer is installed, and the transformer has high insulation level and good exhaust system, so it can be used in high temperature working environment.

Input voltage220VAC ± 25%
Input frequency
Output voltage
220VAC ± 1%
Output frequency50Hz&60Hz
THDSine Wave THD<3%(Resistive full load),THD<7%(Nonlinear load)
Transient response±5% at full load
Crest factor3:1
Output factor≥0.8
DC voltage
Overload ability105125%≥ 60s,126150%≥30s   The recover point is 70%
Protection FunctionAC input or output above or below the range of voltage Overload ,over temperature and short circuit protection
CommunicationsRS232 RS485(optional),Dry contact(optional)

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