Uninterruptible Power Supply For Ships

Uninterruptible Power Supply For Ships

Marine special uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is suitable for all kinds of offshore platforms, ships, and important units such as finance, broadcasting, communications, transportation, chemical, power stations, etc., providing pure, green uninterruptible power supply for its equipped information technology electronic equipment. Using CPU technology and SPWM frequency sine wave generation technology, using international high-quality components and current sharing control, the technical performance has a strong reliability and safety.

Product Details


Marine UPS are used to meet the dedicated ups of offshore platforms, ships and related special environmental power protection requirements. Since the navigation system of the offshore platform and the ship, the emergency lighting system, the life-saving system, the IT equipment, the communication system and the like have high requirements for the stability of the power supply system, the high-performance marine ups concentrates on various techniques for improving performance and stability. One: First, it uses a unique intelligent gap-type charge and discharge battery management and battery monitoring technology, as well as programmable battery periodic diagnostic monitoring technology. These two technologies can not only provide the user with the working status and fault information of the battery pack in time, but also effectively control the charging and discharging process of the battery pack, and extend the service life of the battery by more than 50%, which increases the stability of the power system. 

Performance advantages:

● Small footprint

● Robust mechanical design

● Flexibility and adaptability

● Excellent electrical performance

● Modular parallel

● High availability

High availability:

The 80k-400KVA is designed for continuous operation at 7 x 24 hours and 365 days.

● High fault cleaning capability: static bypass switch with built-in full load design

● Redundant components and cooling system for higher reliability

● Super overload capability to improve the selectivity of downstream electrical systems

● Designed according to IMO (International Maritime Organization) and IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) marine standards, and passed relevant certification

Rugged design for marine applications:

UPS and battery cabinets are designed to meet marine technical performance requirements.

● Protection level up to IP32

● Anti-vibration: with shock absorption device, enhanced mechanical design

● With non-slip support pad for fixing the UPS on the deck or on the bulkhead

● Certification by major classification societies around the world: DNV Norwegian Classification Society, BV French Classification Society, LR Lloyd's Register of Shipping, ABS American Classification Society, GR Germany Lloyd's Register, CCS China Classification Society, etc.

Lower total cost of ownership:

80k-400KVA is designed to minimize installation and operating costs on board

● Small size, reducing floor space

● Very low input current harmonic total distortion, avoiding the increase of input cable, circuit breaker and generator set specifications

● Online double conversion technology, the efficiency is up to 94%

Six-cell IGBT:

● Eliminate harmonic currents injected into the main grid by using IGBT rectifiers with power factor correction

● Fewer connections mean lower interference and reduced filter requirements

● Simplified six-cell design, fewer connection points, improved MTBF

● UPS is more compact and reduces floor space

Unmatched electrical performance:

The selection and quality of power components ensure unparalleled performance of 10-80KVA

● High fault current cleaning capability: can withstand 2.77 times rated current 150 milliseconds

● Support load peak factor up to 3:1

● Adapt to the load with advanced power factor without derating

● Compatible with various types of loads

Double conversion mode:

● Up to 94% efficiency in actual operation

● Save energy

● Reduced requirements for air conditioning and ventilation systems

Flexibility and upgradeability:

● Power upgrade

● Up to 6 UPSs can be connected in parallel for higher capacity or redundancy

● Easy to integrate into the monitoring system on board

● Standby time is available from 5 minutes to 8 hours

● The battery is delivered separately from the UPS

● Can be upgraded from stand-alone to parallel system in the field

DigiBat Battery Monitoring System:

DigiBat monitors voltage, temperature, age, battery type and other parameters to adjust the charging voltage based on ambient temperature

● Calculate the actual backup time and expected remaining life of the battery

● Automatically test the battery system without affecting battery capacity

● Alerts on potential potential hazards

Friendly display interface:

● Large size high resolution LCD display

● Multi-language display

● 2,500 historical information records

● Support remote monitoring function: RS232, ModBUS, dry contact card, NMC network management card

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