Vehicle Application Uninterrupted Power Supply

Vehicle Application Uninterrupted Power Supply

Vehicle-mounted UPS is a kind of electric energy conversion device used in vehicles to generate standard AC mains (AC220V/50HZ). It is mainly used to supply power to equipment that needs AC power supply on the vehicle. The vehicle UPS solves the problem on the vehicle. There is no problem with the exchange of utility power, so that a variety of equipment can be used to drive far, which is as convenient as using the equipment at home.

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1, the composition system of the communication command vehicle

Data processing system: The server and computer are used as the main data processing system carrier in the system.

Data network system: switches and routers are used as data network system carriers in the system.

Data storage system: The disk array is used as the data storage system carrier in the system.

Security and confidentiality system: The system uses multiple security and security system carriers, such as firewalls and security cards.

2, the problem faced by the communication command vehicle

The equipment is relatively large and relatively dispersed, and the integration is not high;

The overall power consumption of the equipment is large;

The internal wiring of the system is complicated and the maintenance is inconvenient;

When the equipment is running, the noise is too large;

In a wartime emergency, the hard disk data cannot be destroyed and there is a danger of leaking.

3, the power supply equipment selected by the communication command vehicle: vehicle UPS

The energy storage electric vehicle UPS is suitable for all kinds of special vehicles. It is small in size, light in weight, rack-mounted, saves space, reduces vehicle load, uses lithium battery for energy storage, is more convenient to install, and is easier to maintain. The products have been successfully applied in China. Big car modification factory.

4, the advantages of communication command car UPS have the following:

High integration

It integrates four server units, two network switching units, one storage control unit, two storage boards, one management control unit and two power supply units, and the equipment height is only 6U, which greatly saves the space inside the vehicle.

Data central storage function

Integrated IP-SAN storage, supporting up to 12 SATA bays, providing centralized data storage for car-mounted four-cell servers and other external computer devices.

Local and remote management functions

By logging in to the WEB management interface through the management IP address, you can monitor the key values of the voltage and temperature of each board and the temperature of the whole machine in real time, and divide the VLANs of the switches to remotely switch the devices.

Network and power redundancy

Two 24-port Gigabit switches are configured internally. When a switch fails, it does not affect the network working status of the entire device. The internal data can be transmitted normally. At the same time, the use of two high-power redundant power supplies ensures stable and reliable system power supply.

Low power consumption

There are many internal modules and powerful functions, but the power consumption peaks at no more than 500W. Compared with the current devices with the same function and light kilowatt power consumption, the power consumption is greatly reduced.

Easy maintenance

All the main functional units inside are modular in design, support hot swapping and easy maintenance. The functional unit can be replaced and repaired in the event of an uninterrupted power supply. Repair time is significantly reduced compared to conventional equipment.

With data destruction

Press the destroy button in an emergency, all data will be destroyed at a speed of 2GB/s or more. After the destruction, the data cannot be recovered to ensure the security of the data. After the data is destroyed, the SSD can be reused.

State-of-the-art battery intelligent management

Fast charge, equal charge, float charge, and storage. It is the most effective way to protect the battery life. According to the vehicle and communication command vehicle application, the battery backup time is longer and the charge and discharge are frequent (normal UPS too frequent charging and discharging will make it The failure rate will be greatly improved) and the need for rapid fullness.

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