3KVA/2.4KW Online Ups Uninterrupted Power Supply (ups)

3KVA/2.4KW Online Ups Uninterrupted Power Supply (ups)

Capacity:3kVA/2.4KW Input voltage:230Vac Input Frequency:50Hz Input voltage range:90-300VAC Battery Voltage:24V Battery capacity:12V/7AH*2pcs Pure sine-wave output Backup time:Half loaded:8 minutes, Full loaded:3 minutes Output Voltage:220/230/240Vac

Product Details

Main features:

  • Able to feed in from Generator

  • Wide Input Voltage Range (90V~300V), 

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Stable Voltage Output to ensure the safety and stability of the connecting devices..

  • Complete Battery Management automatically adjust the Battery Termination Voltage to extend the battery lifespan.

  • UPS will automatically start up during the Off Grid Condition to fulfill the emergency situation.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range, 

  • Suitable for Harsh Grid Environment,

  • Reliable and Cost Effective tailor made for PC and Small Enterprise Key Terminal Station, 

  • Automatic Switch on and working independtly.




Company Information


Soyan Power New Energy co., LTD is a company focus on industrial motion control, power quality management, energy storage product and solutions. Key product lines are variable frequency propulsion (VFD), uninterrupted power supply (UPS), inverters and energy storage system (ESS).

Reliability, high performance-cost ratio, flexible customization is characteristic of product and Soyan power. Zero compromises in quality, technologically leading, promise keep, respect our customers and our employees, striving for efficient works excellent are management philosophy the Soyan makes.

Wear in the age of IT and industry new evolution, dedicate Soyan power, efficient high-power management product and provide solution for saving energy, reducing emissions and protecting our environment.

Over the years, we have been relentlessly striving for technological innovation, the technology process to constantly improve more perfect and professional solutions customers.

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