Tower type Online UPS with 12v Backup Batteries For Data Center

Tower type Online UPS with 12v Backup Batteries For Data Center

Computer equipment requires high quality power supply, not only requires an uninterruptible power supply system, but also requires the power supply voltage to fluctuate within a certain range to work properly. Network data transmission equipment requires fluctuations in the supply voltage within ±5%.Online type UPS is design for data center application.

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The mandatory provisions in GB50052-1995 "Code for Design of Power Supply and Distribution Systems" stipulate that: "In particular, the load that is particularly important in the primary load, in addition to the power supply from the two power supplies, should also be added with emergency power." Diesel generator sets can be used as emergency power supplies. However, the transfer time is too slow, it takes 15 seconds to restore power, which is not compatible with modern communication and network information data streams. Therefore, some important departments and systems in the project must consider online type uninterruptible power supply.

It should be designed and powered by an AC uninterruptible power system under the following conditions:

The requirements for power supply reliability are high. When the automatic power supply mode of standby power supply or the emergency self-starting mode of diesel generator set is still not met.

  • When the general stabilized frequency stabilization equipment cannot meet the requirements.

  • Need to ensure that the sequence is powered off and safely shut down.

  • When the electronic computer system is controlled in real time.

  • When the computer system is running online.


Power rating10kVA/9KW
Input Voltage Range120~275VAC
Input Frequency Range40Hz-70Hz
Input ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Input Power Factor≥0.99
Output Voltage220VAC
Output Voltage Tolerance±1%
Output ConnectionSingle phase with ground
Output Frequency Range50/60Hz±0.2Hz
Output THDV<2% (linear load)
<5% (non-linear load)
Output WaveformPure sinewave
Overload Capabilityline mode

1min @105%~125% load

30S  @ 125%~150%  load

0.5S  @ >150% load

battery mode
Line ModeUp to 92%
Battery ModeUp to 92%
Battery and Charger
Battery Quantity20PCS (External)
Battery Capacitydepends  on customer configuration
Backup Time
Recharge Current (to 90% battery capacity)Standard model 1.2A; Long backup time model 4A;
LCDload rating/battery capacity/input/output/operating mode
Communication and Monitoring
Communication PortRS232 stanard offer, USB optional
Extendable Communication CardDry Contact Card,USB card, MODBUS card and NMC card are optional
Operating Temperature0-40oC
Operating Humidity20-90%(no condesation)
Audible Noise<50dB @ 1 meters


Q 1. If you offer the installation help?

A. Because of oversea far away distance, the installation fee is expensive. so we always offer the installation design diagram, the clients set by themselves according to the drawing. And we will offer the help timely whenever you needed.

Q 2. if this item has isolated transformer ?

A. Online high frequency ups without isolated transformer.

Online low frequency ups built-in isolated tranformer.

Q 3. Would you accept to use our logo ?

A.No problem to do OEM ( print your logo on UPS)

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