Modular UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)

Modular UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)

Product name: Modular On-Line UPS(Uninterruptible Power System) 

Type: Tower 1K-20K,Single phase input and Single phase output UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)

Tower 15K-20K,Three phase input and Single phase output UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)

Tower 15K-20K,Three phase input and Three phase output UPS

Product Details

Modular UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)

Product Description

Main features:

Suitable for installation on PCs running Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, Me, 98; Linux, Mac OSX and the Sun Solaris operating system.

Accurate pure sine wave output; strong capacity of different load.

Advanced performance due to the CPU control.

Wide range of power input and accurate output AVR.

Perfect protection for overload ,short circuit ,over-voltage ,low-voltage and over-heating etc.

Adapt to various of power net well ,compatible with generator

Front panel LCD display  providing status, load and battery information and LED (standard version).

Compact dimensions and ergonomic design: it can be placed on a desk top or other convenient location, with easy to access connections and informative front panel.

UPS start automatically when the main powers recover (optional).

Intelligent battery management.

Modular UPS


 Modular UPS

Packaging & Shipping

 Modular UPS


 As one of the well-known 350w 500va line interactive ups(Uninterruptible Power System) manufacturers and suppliers in China, SOYANPOWER is here waiting for you to buy or wholesale avr made in China through our website.


 Modular UPS

Company Information


SoyanPower specializes in manufacturing and OEM/ODM business operation,established in 2015 by a group of technical and operative leaders who have over 15 years' experience in power management products development.Located in Shenzhen city,which is the active and efficient center of electronic supply chains in South China,SoyanPower has a professional team of R&D,Supply Chain Management,Manufacturing and International Business Support.


To be a key player in Power management product market,SoyanPower focus on OEM/ODM market and dedicate to developing innovative power management products and delivering professional service to quality customers and end users.Utilizing platforming technology,technical expertise and strong supply chain management capability,SoyanPower devotes to prompt feedback to customer needs with the best products and most competitive prices.SoyanPower is always one of the most sincere and reliable cooperator in global Power management market.

 Modular UPS


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