Rack Mount Type Online UPS With 1U Size

Rack Mount Type Online UPS With 1U Size

Designed for communication networks, this machine is designed for communication, smaller in size, and has dimensions for embedded installation. It meets the requirements for outdoor installation of communication equipment. It is widely used in 3G base stations, FTTB, access net/work, and group. Client end, WIIFI and other equipment can also be used in broadcasting, power, finance, military, Internet and other industries. It is a new UPS uninterruptible power supply with high integration, small size, environmental protection, durability, reliability and safety.

Product Details


  • 800 Watts, 1000 VA output power per module

  • Built in Power Distribution Unit(PDU)

  • High reliability & capacity lithium iron phosphate

  • Full power operation from -20°C to +60°C

  • Power factor correction at AC input

  • True on-line double conversion

  • Cold start with no AC or DC input connections

  • Pure sinusoidal AC output voltage


UPS type: Rack mount type Online UPS

rated power: 1KVA

Output socket: (4) IEC 320 C13, (2) IEC jumper

Input and output parameters

Input voltage range: 160-286V

Input frequency range: 50/60 ± 3HZ

Output voltage range: 220-240V

Output frequency range: 50-60Hz

Battery and running time

Backup time: Typical standby time at full load: 5.4 minutes, typical standby time at half load: 14.5 minutes minute

type of battery: Sealed lead-acid maintenance-free battery

Other parameters

Dimension: 43.2*4.4*3.3 cm

product weight: 5kg

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