Soyan Power 1.5 KVA 220V Single Phase VFD Drive Inverter 1hp

Soyan Power 1.5 KVA 220V Single Phase VFD Drive Inverter 1hp

Product Nameļ¼šMini Single-Phase Variable Frequency Drive

Input Voltage (V): Single-phase 220V

Input Current (A): 8.2A

Output Current (A): 4A

Power Capacity (kVA): 1.5kVA

Product Details

Soyan power 1.5 kVA 220V single phase VFD drive inverter 1hp

Product Description

SVD-E series VFD  is designed for user has basic applications but need a easy variable frequency and reliable motor protection.  With compact size housing and straight forward   the SVD-E intend to simplify end user system design and install complexity.


High Performance Sensorless vector and simple frequency control are supported.
Space-saving design: Compact design
Rugged and reliable: High overload, robust time-proven design
Ease of use:  plenty of control terminal , RS-485 interface
Torque Boosting

Inbuild PID controller

vfd 1hpvfd drive 220v


vfd drive

 vfd display

Company Information

SoyanPower specializes in manufacturing and OEM/ODM business operation,established in 2015 by a group of technical and operative leaders who have over 15 years' experience in power management products development.Located in Shenzhen city,which is the active and efficient center of electronic supply chains in South China,SoyanPower has a professional team of R&D,Supply Chain Management,Manufacturing and International Business Support.

To be a key player in Power management product market,SoyanPower focus on OEM/ODM market and dedicate to developing innovative power management products and delivering professional service to quality customers and end users.Utilizing platforming technology,technical expertise and strong supply chain management capability,SoyanPower devotes to prompt feedback to customer needs with the best products and most competitive prices.SoyanPower is always one of the most sincere and reliable cooperator in global Power management market.

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1.Q: My unit is turning off the motor and displaying a "uu" fault. I searched the manual for that fault, but it is not listed. Could you tell me the cause?

    A: ''UU" means undervoltage ,can you please check the input voltage , make sure there are 200-250V on input terminal and there is no lossen wiring in the power supply path ,most easy solution is using a multimeter to monitor input voltage. there should no be signigficant Voltage droP when Motor start and speed variation.


2.Q: My VFD-1.5kw is running a 1hp motor. It runs, but throws an "OCX" error at low frequency. What is the OCX error?

    A: One possible cause is at low speed, resistant of your motion system is higher than the torque output of the VFD, you may increase low speed torque up to 30% by enable Torque Boosting via revise function code P0.08 to corresponding percent.


3.Q: How do I wire start stop button to VFD? I see x1-x5 but am clueless how to do it.

    A: When you complete a circuit between x1 - x5 and "common", whatever is programmed for x1 - x5 will be executed (ie. start, stop etc..) You will also need to set the unit for terminal control (I don't know the command number off hand). By setting the unit to terminal control, you will no longer be able to start and stop your machine directally from the VFD.

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