220 to 240V input three phase VFD

- Mar 09, 2018-

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Energy saving, low carbon, environmental-friendly

  • We dedicate our self to provide global customers with frequency inverters which can be widely used for asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors in different kinds of application

  • Application fields:

    • Metallurgy, petroleum, chemical , textile, building material, coal, medicine, food , paper making, plastic , printing, hoist, washing , water supply, sewage treatment and more

  • Machine industry:

    • Wire drawing machine, mixer, compressor, extruder, pump, air blower, grinder, conveyor, lifting machine and more

  • Capacity range:

    • Power: 0.4-1000kW

    • Frequency: 600Hz

    • Voltage level: 1 phase 220V/3-phase 220/380/480/690V

  • Technical features:

    • Based on 32-bit DSP and adopt an advanced vector control algorithm to realize a high speed and high performance control

    • Mode of speed control: senseless vector control, sensor close loop vector control, V/F control

    • Vector control in asynchronous and permanent synchronous motor is available, feature motor parameter auto-tuning

    • 150% torque when at low speed (0.5) running in the sensor less vector control mode

    • Built in simple PLC function, 16 sections speed is available

    • Multi-language OLED could display 3 parameter groups at the same time

    • Rotating freely with “one key shuttle keyboard”

    • Optimized ventilation design

    • Reliable insulation design, ensure the safety of inverter

    • Optional completely isolated RS485 communication module can communicate with the host computer

    • Strengthened coating, adapt to tough environment

    • Unique EMC DESIGN, minimized the radiating interference to power grid

  • Environmental resistance:

    • Corrosion resistance, resistance to dust, resistance to vibration and resistance environment, the strengthening of the product and meanwhile with dust, drip-proof type taking protection structure

  • Passed RoHS

  • Standard product pass RoHS (European specific harmful substance use restrictions)

  • Reduce noise

  • Use swing PWN to inhibition of electromagnetic interference and reduce the harsh noise

  • Suppress the high order harmonic in grid

  • Built-in DC reactor use for suppress high order harmonic

  • Energy saving: advanced energy saving technology

  • Use energy saving control of frequency converter to realize highly efficient running of asynchronous motor

  • Saving much more energy on synchronous motor

  • Energy saving control of the inverter combine with highly efficient synchronous motor together can gain super energy saving compare to asynchronous motor

Model numberVoltage (V)Power (kW)Current (A)Net weight (kg)Gross weight
Size (mm)
PI9130 R75G2220V0.75423185*120*180
PI9130 1R5G2220V1.5723185*120*180
PI9130 2R2G2220V2.21045220*150*185.5
PI9130 004G2220V41667285*180*200
PI9200 5R5G2220V5.5251011360*220*210
PI9200 7R5G2220V7.5321011360*220*210
PI9200 011G2220V11451011360*220*210
PI9200 015G2220V15602021435*225*242
PI9200 018G2220V18752021435*225*242
PI9200 022G2220V22902633
PI9200 030G2220V301102633480*296*246
PI9200 037G2220V371522633480*296*246
PI9200 045G2220V451764252660*364*280
PI9200 055G2220V5521042 52660*364*280
PI9200 075G2220V7530442 52660*364*280
PI9330 093G2220V93 70801540*515*438
PI9330 110G2220V110 70801540*515*438
PI9330 132G2220V132 901051700*850*485
PI9330 160G2220V160 901051700*850*485

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