QMA Q9000 Series Variable Frequency Inverter

- Mar 09, 2018-

Control panel converter for ac motor 
1.Shanghai port 
2.14 years manufacture experience 
3.OEM, ODM orders welcomed

1).Low frequency torque, high accuracy and performance
2).Absolutely reasonable price
3).Unique design, advanced technology
4).Nice control technology and multifunction sensorless vector control
5).Low noise and electromagnetic interference

Product feature:
1.power range: 2.2KW-315KW
2.Perfect current vector control
3.Various control functions
  PID control, slip compensation function, speed search, over/lower torque detection and energy-saving operation control function

4.Excellent torque characteristics
  Even if without PG, a high torque of 150%/0.5Hz can be reached
5.Powerful Braking Function
  Powerful braking function can be fulfilled with built-in braking units for the inverter below 15kw and external braking resistors for that above 15kw
6.Hi-efficiency Energy-saving control
  Wonderful energy-saving function beyond imagination, the hi- efficiency energy-saving control reaches the maximum effect in theory
7.Low Noise Operation
  High carrier frequency SPWM modulation type may greatly suppress the noise, which is especially suitable for the place with limitation for noise.
8.Perfect Power Ultraharmonics Suppression Countermeasures
  Built-in DC reactor for the purpose of improving power factors is equipped for all series of 55kw and above; DC reactor wiring terminal is reserved for the units below 55KW for your choice of DC reactor to reduce the interference of the ultraharmonics of power.

Place of originShanghai, China (Mainland)
TypeAC/AC inverters
Output voltage200/220/230/240/380/415/440/460V
Output power2.2KW~315KW
Output typeSingle phase, three phase
Output frequency0~3200Hz
Input voltage200/220/230/240/380/415/440/460V
Output currentCurrent vector control
Packaging detailsStandard paper cartons 
Standard wooden cases 
Wooden cases
Delivery detail7 work days after receiving payment
ISO certificationISO9001:2008
CECE approval
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