Clean electricity generation system for Home

- Dec 28, 2017-

    With the problem of fossil fuel pollution is becoming more and more serious and the reserves are on the verge of depletion, the development and utilization of new energy sources is becoming more and more important. At present, the new energy that we can quickly use is solar energy, setting up a solar power generation system can not only reduce the cost of electricity and environmental pollution, but also sells the excess electricity to the power supply company while enjoying government subsidies, this is the advantages of home usage electricity generation system.

    Assembling a home photovoltaic power generation system needs solar cell components matching with photovoltaic inverter power, solar panel support, grid connected photovoltaic inverter and cable line. Then install each components step by step.
    The disadvantage of this system is that the large investment and some professional knowledge are needed in the early time, while simple maintenance in the later period is enough.


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