Drive higher harmonics are you afraid of it?

- Jun 29, 2016-

As technology advances, the drive is now widely used in electrical, mechanical, industrial, life. However, in the course of the drive, the high-order harmonic interference generated by the inverter the whole system will cause varying degrees of impact, would not the whole waveform, even serious damage to the equipment.

Drive motor will produce high harmonics, the transformer iron loss increases, even overheat and shorten life. Even the motor rotor vibration, seriously affecting the machining quality. Capacitor overload phenomenon will occur resulting in damage to the capacitor. So how is the drive higher harmonics of it?

Inverter main circuit by the rectifier, an inverter circuit, a control circuit, wherein the rectifier circuit and the inverter circuit composed of power electronic devices, power electronic devices with non-linear characteristics, when the drive is running, it should be fast switching operation, thus high harmonic generation. Simultaneously, the drive itself is a non-linear input rectifier circuit, especially large-capacity high-voltage inverter, and direct access to the high-voltage grid, in addition to the fundamental wave outside so the inverter output waveform is also rich in high harmonics, its power will affect the waveform, can also cause harmonic pollution on the grid. In addition, the drive also easier to external electromagnetic interference by some. When using the drive which, it is necessary to prevent outside interference, but also to prevent it from outside interference.

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