Electronic Energy Meter advantage count

- Jun 29, 2016-

Electronic Energy Meter gradually replaced induction meter, induction meter because of its unparalleled advantages, developing very rapidly in recent years.

Electronic multifunction energy metering is a dedicated two-way chip as the core, the use of large scale integrated circuit and SMT advanced manufacturing technology, selection of internationally famous brand long-life components and manufacturing. The main features of electronic multi-function meter are:

1, to achieve real-time load monitoring and automatic meter reading

2, the same circuit can meet the needs of a variety of measurement functions

3, with infrared meter interface, power meter reading by infrared handheld meter reading;

4, anti-theft, high-precision, high reliability, high overload, low power consumption, small size, light weight, prolong the cycle of rotation;

5, the use of advanced SMT manufacturing process;

6, while retaining the counters and at the same time, inside the meter also saves electricity meter, meter number and other information via handheld infrared meter reading, which can be easily and accurately Collecting meter power.

7, using the power meter dedicated LSI;

8, time billing, improve the power grid load factor

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