Energy saving and environmental protection is still the theme of the inverter

- Dec 28, 2018-

There is still a certain gap between the level of industrial production automation in China and the developed countries. The 12th Five-Year Plan proposes to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry, in which the development of advanced equipment and the promotion of manufacturing from large to strong become the direction guiding future development. Frequency conversion technology will be further promoted in the field of industrial speed regulation and precision control due to its excellent performance.

The frequency converter is an important component of the industrial control system and is installed at the front end of the motor to achieve speed regulation and energy saving. The back end of the high-voltage inverter mainly drives fans and pumps, and the actual power-saving effect is 30%~60%. In the future, the market development of the industry will benefit from the transformation of large and medium-sized projects; the low-voltage inverter is combined with the control layer and the executive layer equipment. The automation control system will be affected by its future development.

Benefit from manufacturing equipment upgrades.

The frequency converter tends to be diversified

From a holistic perspective, the competition in China's inverter industry will become increasingly fierce. As the market is very attractive, the potential capacity is very impressive, and it continues to attract new players from the industry. The existing market has formed a certain scale and the development is maturing. The future resource plundering and market war will be inevitable. With the continuous advancement of technology, the stability of product quality is gradually improved, plus service

With the advantages of services and prices, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will become stronger.

From the perspective of demand, inverters are gradually diversifying, and the emergence of general-purpose and special-purpose products is to meet the diverse needs of users. In addition, inverter manufacturers are paying more attention to product quality and safety of use, and actively seek for greater breakthroughs, so that the inverter can work well in harsh environments, and ensure safe use and normal production of users.

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