Mistake analysis of frequency converter selection

- Dec 28, 2018-

Do you know how to select the inverter?

  Can you determine if the drive is selected correctly?

  Now Xiaobian summarizes the misunderstandings in the selection of the inverter, please take the lead:

 1. Inverter is selected for power saving

  Many manufacturers and salesmen boast of how high the power-saving rate of the inverter is, and the users believe that it is true. In order to save power, the inverter is used at a high cost, but the result is disappointing.

  The power saving after using the inverter is determined by the type of load it drives. For the fan and pump load, the energy saving effect is remarkable after the inverter is selected, and for the constant power load and the constant torque load, the energy saving effect is much worse, and even the power cannot be saved.

  2. Determine the selection of the inverter by the rated power of the motor nameplate.

  There is a certain theoretical basis for selecting the inverter with the rated power of the motor. However, in many actual situations, the motor running richness is too large, or the motor is overloaded, so that the inverter selection is too large, resulting in economic waste. Either the inverter is selected too small, causing damage to the motor or the inverter.

  The simpler estimation method is that the selection of the Amyk inverter is based on 1.1 times of the larger working current when the motor is running stably, which can save a lot of money, and the winding of the heavy load starting in a high temperature environment. Motors, synchronous motors, inverter capacity should be appropriately increased. For the design of the inverter from the beginning, the inverter capacity selection is based on the rated current of the motor. This is because the inverter capacity cannot be selected according to the actual operation. Of course, in order to reduce the investment, in some occasions, the capacity of the inverter can be determined first. After the equipment is actually running for a period of time, it is selected according to the actual current.

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