Installation and maintenance of the inverter Troubleshooting

- Jun 29, 2016-

1 Introduction Universal inverter as a wide speed range, speed and high precision, fast dynamic response, high efficiency, easy to operate and easy with a series of advantages other device interface, with its more widely [1]. Because inverter knowledge content is high, technical complexity, how to make good use of the inverter, currently there are still a large number of practical problems to be solved. This article discusses the use of the inverter on the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting applications such as technical problems, and the concrete implementation methods.

When installing the devices 2 uses the frequency inverter, the power supply side and the motor side of the circuit will be simultaneously high harmonic generation [1]. For the static whereby higher harmonics caused by electromagnetic interference, mounted on the drive provided on various considerations to make. Further, in order to ensure the stable operation of the inverter, when planning the installation, set the drive to place the temperature, humidity, dust and vibration setting environment must also be considered.

2.1 Installation environment requirements (1) to maintain humidity of 40 to 90 is appropriate. Surrounded by high humidity, electrical insulation and reduce corrosion of metal parts, significantly reducing the ambient humidity is prone to breakdown.

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