Effect of the inverter and the motor mounting distance to the system and measures to prevent

- Jun 29, 2016-

In the industrial use of the site, the inverter and the motor mounting distance it can be roughly divided into three cases: source distance, middle distance and near. 20m or less for close, 20-100m for the middle distance, 100m above the distance.

Since the inverter output voltage waveform is not sinusoidal waveform contains a large number of harmonic components, which causes high harmonics inverter output current increases, causing the motor windings heat, vibration and noise, accelerated insulation aging, may also damage motor; while a variety of radio interference frequency harmonics to space launch different programs, but also may cause other devices malfunction. It is therefore desirable to place the drive in the vicinity of the controlled motor.

However, due to space constraints between the production site, the inverter and the motor tends to have a certain distance. If it is close within 20m, and the drive can be connected directly between the inverter and the motor; the distance between the inverter and the motor is 20m to 100m connections, you need to adjust the carrier frequency of the inverter to reduce harmonics and interference ; while between the inverter and the motor is more than 100m long-distance connections, not only to moderately reduce the carrier frequency, but also install the AC output reactor.

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