Inverter communication should be based on these points

- Sep 19, 2018-

What should we pay attention to when installing and connecting the inverter communication? First of all, we consider the distance and location distribution when connecting, how to install the inverter communication? What are the installation modes of the inverter? Some are relatively simple and can be directly connected in parallel and connected in an unlimited distance and number of nodes.


     This paper introduces the hand-in-hand solution and the direct parallel solution, which shows that the hand-in-hand can realize the connection of unlimited distance and number of nodes.

Simple RS-485 direct parallel connection; this direct parallel connection is also the simplest connection method for RS-485. Five RS232 devices are equipped with five 485A converters, and then the RS-485 terminals are directly connected in parallel, all A are connected together, and all Bs are connected together. The distance is limited by a distance of up to 1200 meters and the limit of 128 nodes. In most cases it is possible to communicate.

Hand-in-hand RS-485 connection; it seems to be similar to direct parallel, but please note that each 485A2 converter has 2 RS-485 ports. In the figure, you can see that the two RS-485s of each 485A2 converter are equivalent to two hands, and the connection method looks like hand-in-hand.

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