Inverter control cabinet profile and role

- Jun 29, 2016-

Because the central air-conditioning systems are by some margin and increase the maximum load design, and in fact in the year, running under full load only up to ten days, or even more than ten hours, most of the time the load is almost 70% The following operation. Typically central air conditioning system load frozen hosts can automatically adjust with seasonal temperature changes in load, but with the freezing host matches freezing pump, cooling pump can not automatically adjust the load, almost long run at 100% load, resulting in a power pole big waste, but also the deterioration of the operating environment and operating quality central air-conditioning. With inverter technology matures, the use of the combination of inverter, PLC, converter module, temperature sensors, temperature modules and other components to form a closed-loop temperature difference between automatic control system, automatically adjust the pump output flow; not only the use of frequency control technology can make mall maintain the room temperature at a desired state, people feel comfortable and satisfied, make the whole system work flat and stable state, and more importantly, their energy savings up to 30%, can bring good economic benefits.

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