Inverter Installation Requirements

- Jun 29, 2016-

(1) The inverter should be installed in the control cabinet.

(2) the drive is preferably mounted in the middle of the control cabinet; the drive to be mounted vertically, just above and below to avoid installation may block the exhaust, air intake of large components.

(3) on the drive, from the top of the lower edge of the control cabinet, bottom, or partitions, or large elements such as the minimum distance that must be installed, should be greater than 300mm.

Basic requirements installed inside the inverter

(4) If a particular user in use need to take down the keyboard, the keyboard panel hole drive, be sure to use tightly sealed tape or replace the use of false panels, to keep the dust inside the drive.

(5) on the drive you want to carry out regular maintenance, clean the inside of the dust.

(6) other basic installation requirements must comply with the instructions in the user manual; if in doubt please contact the respective manufacturers technical support personnel.

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