Portable Uninterruptible Power Supply, 220V 12V/5V

- Feb 03, 2018-

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Portable uninterruptible power supply, line interactive UPS

  • Product model: YDLN-500AD

  • Battery capacity: 12V, 31.2Ah, 346Wh

  • Output power: rated 500W, max 1000W

  • Input voltage: AC 110V~220V 50/60Hz

  • Output voltage: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

  • DC output: 12V/4A 5V/2A

  • LED light: min 1W, max 3W

  • Solar charging: 18V 100W

  • Output wave: pure sine wave

  • Blackout response time: ≤5ms

  • Overload: AC output indicator light will turn red and the product will automatically shut off if overloaded. When it occurs, reduce the load and restart the product.

  • Short circuit: product will automatically shut off if short circuit. When it occurs, plug off the load and restart the product.

  • Lithium advantages: light, long life, safety, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency

  • Weight: 3.2kg/3.5kg

  • Dimensions: 11*13.5*28cm

  • Color: grass green

  • Application: exploration, outdoors travel, medical rescue, media photography, fishing, scientific and technological research.

  • Charging device: mobile phone, LED light Laptop, notebook, fan, television and more.

EquipmentBackup Times
5V Mobile PhoneCharge iPhone 55 times
12V LED Light96 hours (3W 12V LED Light)
Computer2~3 hours(PC+Display)
Laptop6~7 hours (13 inch Screen)
Fan5 hours (50W Fan)
LCD TV4 hours (32 inch)
Energy Saving Lamp14 hours (20W Energy Saving Lamp)
Switch over automatically when blackout. Always online. 
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