The Function of The Inverter

- Aug 30, 2018-


Power factor compensation

Reactive power not only increases the line loss and heat of the equipment, but more importantly, the power factor decreases, which leads to the reduction of the active power of the grid. A large amount of reactive energy is consumed in the line, the equipment is inefficient and wasteful, and the frequency converter is used. After that, due to the internal filter capacitor of the inverter, the reactive power loss is reduced, and the active power of the power grid is increased.

Soft start energy saving

    1. The hard start of the motor has a serious impact on the power grid, and it also requires too much power grid capacity. The large current and vibration generated during startup have great damage to the baffle and the valve, and the service life of the equipment and pipeline is extremely high. unfavorable. After using the variable frequency energy-saving device, the soft start function of the inverter will start the starting current from zero, and the maximum value will not exceed the rated current, which will reduce the impact on the power grid and the power supply capacity, and prolong the use of equipment and valves. life. Saves on equipment maintenance costs.

    2. In theory, the inverter can be used in all mechanical equipment with electric motor. When the motor starts, the current will be 5-6 times higher than the rated value, which will not only affect the service life of the motor but also consume more power. . The system will have a certain margin on the motor selection during the design, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in actual use, sometimes it is necessary to run at a lower or higher speed, so the frequency conversion transformation is very Necessary. The inverter can realize the soft start of the motor and compensate the power factor.

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