Composition Of The Inverter And Troubleshooting And Maintenance Strategies

- Jun 29, 2016-

Rectifier circuit function is to convert AC power into DC power. Rectifier circuit are generally separate piece rectifier module, but many of the rectifier circuit and the inverter circuit one of the two modules, such as Fuji 7MBI series.

Rectifier inverter damage is a common fault to determine whether the rectifier damage, of course, we can also use a voltmeter to test the barrier by static electricity multimeter forward and reverse measurements.

Some brands inverter rectifier circuit, the thyristor half-bridge, half-bridge diode. The high power of Danfoss, Delta converter. Analyzing thyristor easy way good or bad, can be added in the gate DC voltage (about 10V) to see whether it is turned forward. So basically we were able to determine the quality of the thyristor.

In addition, the characteristics of Fuji inverter G9S (P9S) 11kW or less rectifier module for centralized into five functions. Rectified the precharge Transistor, brake hose, power switch, thermistor. As the name CVM40CD120 rectifier pin and function.

Rectifier: R, S, T, A (+) N - (-)

Charging thyristors: A1, P1, G + n (trigger)

Brake pipe: DB, N_, G7 (trigger) DB1 B + is its freewheeling diode

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