Development And Prospect Of Universal Inverter Technology

- Jun 29, 2016-

Inverter technology is built on the basis of power electronics technology. In the low-voltage AC motor drive control, the most widely used power device has a GTO, GTR, IGBT modules and intelligent IPM (Intelligent Power Module), low saturation voltage characteristic set behind two kinds of GTR and MOSFET high frequency switching characteristics in one of the the current mainstream general-purpose inverter power devices most widely used. IGBT collector-emitter voltage Vce can <3V, frequency up to 20KHZ, embedded between the collector-emitter diode Trr ultra-fast up to 150ns, after 1992 years ago, is widely used in general-purpose inverter. Its direction is lower loss, faster switching, higher voltage, larger capacity (3.3KV, 1200A), at present, the use of channel-type gate technology, non-penetrating technology and other methods significantly reduce a collector emitter saturation voltage between [VCE (sat)] fourth generation IGBT has come out.

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