Note The Use Of The Frequency Converter

- Jun 29, 2016-

Physical Environment 1) operating temperature. Internal drives are high-power electronic components, highly susceptible to temperature, the products are generally claim to 0 ~ 55 ℃, but in order to ensure the safety, reliability, should be used to consider leeway best controlled at below 40 ℃ . In the control box, the drive should be installed in the upper box, and strictly comply with the product specification, installation requirements, and definitely not easy to heat the heating element or elements against the bottom of the installation of the drive.

2) ambient temperature. Temperature is too high and the temperature change is large, prone to condensation inside the drive, which will greatly reduce the insulation performance, and may even lead to a short circuit accident. When necessary, the desiccant must be increased and the heater in the tank.

3) corrosive gases. If the concentration of corrosive gas environment, and not only will corrode components leads, printed circuit boards, but also accelerate the aging of plastic components, reducing insulation performance, in this case, the control box should be made of a closed structure , and ventilation.

4) vibration and shock. When equipped with inverter control cabinet subject to mechanical vibration and shock can cause bad electrical contact. Then in addition to improving the mechanical strength of the control cabinet, away from the source of vibration and shock source, it must also use seismic rubber pad fixed outside the control cabinet and within the electromagnetic switch like vibration components. After the device runs for a period of time, it should be checked and maintained.

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