Drive To Prevent Moisture Mildew Control Cabinet Design Requirements

- Jun 29, 2016-

Drive industry in anti-moisture situation change for the better, not just in this area have a better development, also have a better development in other sectors.

Most drive manufacturers inside the PCB, metal structure were carried out anti-moisture mildew special treatment, long-term if the drive is in this state, the metal structure prone to rust, copper for conductivity at high temperature operation, exacerbated by the corrosion process. For small copper wire and drive the computer control panel power board, due to rust damage will, therefore, be applied to wet and corrosive gases and occasions, for the use of the drive must have a basic interior design requirements, such as printing the board must adopt three paint spraying, it must be used for structural parts nickel chromium and other processes. In addition, we also need to take other positive, effective and reasonable anti-moisture, anti-corrosion measures gases.

However, depending on the form of development in this area, then drive industry has the form of the following under the action of moisture, this aspect can exhibit more effects.

(1) The control cabinet can be installed in a separate, sealed air conditioner room, this method is more suitable control equipment, the establishment of a separate cabinet room costs less than the sealing process of the occasion, this time the control cabinet can be used as dust or general environmental design can be.

(2) independent air inlet. Individual air inlet may be provided at the bottom of the control cabinet, trench and a clean environment are connected by independent external sealed, this method requires the installation of a air filter in the air inlet, if more than 5m above the trench, consider the installation of a blower.

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