Effect Of Wave Frequency Inverter And Motor

- Jun 29, 2016-

In saying this before on the drive, let's talk about what is the carrier frequency. In fact, it refers to: the signal transmission, the signal is not transmitted directly, but the load signal to a fixed wave frequency, which is called the loading process, and this is called a fixed frequency wave carrier frequency. Then the carrier frequency in the end on the drive, the motor has a kind of influence it, the law is about?

Inverter manufacturers represented, will have an impact on the carrier frequency inverter output current, and with the following rules:

1. When running the inverter frequency rises higher the rate, the duty cycle of the voltage waveform becomes bigger, along with the current higher harmonic component will be smaller, resulting in higher carrier frequency rises, At this current waveform will be more smooth;

2. When the carrier frequency becomes higher, the drive allows the current output will become smaller;

3. With the increase of the carrier frequency, capacitance wiring capacitance will be will be smaller, and lead to the leakage of high frequency pulse becomes large.

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