Inverter Manufacturers To Explain The Concept Of High-voltage Inverter

- Jun 29, 2016-

In fact, according to national and international practice and on the voltage grading standards, when the supply voltage is greater than or equal to the 10kv high voltage it can be referred to, and is referred to 1kv to 10kv medium voltage. In addition, we will habitually 6kv rated voltage or motor 3kv called "high-voltage motors." Inverter manufacturers represented, because the corresponding rated voltage 1kv to 10kv inverter with common characteristics, so we will use 1 to 10kv AC motor drive is called high-voltage inverter. Inverter manufacturers believe that, in fact, high-voltage inverter has been divided into two different types, namely the current type and voltage type, then what is the difference between the two yet.

1. The main inverter is an inverter circuit. And a DC side filter type, there are voltage-type inverter circuit and the current two. Manufacturers said voltage-input DC power supply will have a large capacitor in parallel, one is able to suppress the DC voltage ripple, reduce the internal resistance of the DC power supply, so that the DC power supply is approximately constant voltage source; and secondly also from the inverter side reactive current conduction path is provided.

2. DC power inverter that end big series inductance of the DC power supply is similar to the constant current source, this circuit is called a current-type inverter circuit. As a pulsating direct current can be suppressed, but the output characteristics of soft. Remember, the current inverter one kind of early development up to the voltage type.

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