Precautions for inverter wiring

- Sep 06, 2018-

Precautions for inverter wiring:

(1) Before wiring, make sure that the power has been completely cut off for more than 10 minutes, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

(2) Do not connect the power cord to the output terminals U, V, W of the inverter.

(3) There is leakage current in the inverter itself. To ensure safety, the inverter and motor must be grounded safely. The grounding wire is generally copper wire with a wire diameter of 3.5mm2 or more, and the grounding resistance is less than 10Ω.

(4) The inverter has passed the withstand voltage test before leaving the factory, and the user can no longer carry out the withstand voltage test on the inverter.

(5) There is no electromagnetic contactor and absorption capacitor or other resistance-capacitance absorption device between the inverter and the motor.

(6) In order to provide input side overcurrent protection and power failure maintenance, the inverter should be connected to the power supply through the intermediate circuit breaker.

(7) The wiring of the relay input and output circuit (X1~X8, Y1, Y2, Do1) should use the stranded wire or shielded wire of 0.745mm2 or more. One end of the shielding layer is suspended and the other end is connected with the COM terminal of the inverter. The length is less than 50m2.


In addition to the above precautions, the inverter must also avoid some dangerous operations as follows:

(1) Make sure that the inverter power supply has been completely cut off, all the LEDs of the operating keyboard are off, and wait for more than 10 minutes before wiring can be performed.

(2) Confirm that the DC voltage between the main circuit terminals P+ and P- of the inverter drops below DC36V before starting internal wiring work.

(3) Wiring operations can only be carried out by trained and authorized qualified personnel.

(4) Before powering on, please check whether the voltage level of the inverter is consistent with the power supply voltage, otherwise it may cause personal injury and damage to the equipment.

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