The difference between frequency converter and power saver

- Jan 09, 2019-

Many people do not have a clear understanding of the specific differences and uses of frequency converters and power savers. Power saver is generally divided into lighting fixtures and power saver. The high-voltage filtering and energy absorption technology is adopted to automatically absorb the energy of the reverse potential of the high-voltage power equipment, and continuously return the feedback to the load, thereby saving the part of the electric energy absorbed by the electric equipment from the high-voltage power grid. Here is a brief introduction to the difference between them. It is mainly introduced to you from six aspects.

The power saver is different from the inverter mainly because:

First, frequency conversion technology is only one of many power-saving technologies. Power-saving technologies include technologies such as regulated current limiting, power factor compensation, phase-controlled power regulation, frequency conversion, chopping, filtering, and energy feedback. For the power saver adopting the frequency conversion principle, the frequency converter is only a unit in the power saver;

Second, the development and design of Power Saver takes into account various control requirements of the application site, and has various control functions that facilitate field operation, such as temperature and pressure closed-loop control;

Third, in many industrial sites, direct wiring installation of the inverter does not meet electrical specifications, and it is easy to cause various safety accidents. Installing a complete set of power saver can reduce the occurrence of accidents;

Fourth, the R&D design of Power Saver fully considers the safety protection of the built-in inverter, and sets the lightning protection circuit, overvoltage protection circuit and fault alarm function to avoid accidental damage of the inverter itself.

Fifth, according to the actual needs of the production site, the power saver generally has a built-in high-performance bypass system. In the case of unexpected failure of the speed control unit, the on-site production can be guaranteed smoothly.

Sixth, it is well known that the frequency converter will generate certain harmonics during the working process. In many production sites, a large amount of harmonic interference often causes equipment malfunction and even damage. When developing and designing the power saver, large-scale power saving Enterprises generally install harmonic filtering devices inside the power saver for the harmonics of the site, and filter out most of the harmonics in situ, which is crucial for the customer's safe production.

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