Ten Reasons Inverter

- Jun 29, 2016-

(1) to control the motor starting current

When the motor is started directly by the frequency it will produce 7-8 times the rated current of the motor current will greatly increase the electrical stress on the motor windings and generate heat thereby reducing the life of the motor and the inverter can be zero voltage at zero speed start (of course you can add the appropriate torque boost) Once the relationship between the frequency and voltage of the inverter can be established according to V / F or vector control mode to drive the load to work use the inverter can sufficiently reduce the starting current windings increase the affordability of most users direct advantage is that maintenance costs will be further reduced motor corresponding increase in motor life

(2) reduce the power line voltage fluctuations

When the motor frequency start current surge at the same time the voltage will drop voltage fluctuations will depend on the magnitude of the starter motor power size and capacity of the distribution network voltage drop will result in the same power supply network voltage sensitive equipment fault trip due to gradually start at zero frequency zero pressure is able to eliminate voltage drops to the maximum extent after work or abnormalities such as PC sensor proximity switches and contactors etc. may be activated with an error frequency control

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